• Shaped in the storm

    Shaped in the storm Friends, we live in a day when men are abandoning ship at an alarming rate. The storms of life attack them and they run from the church, the old ship of Gods family. Do not forget that the best place you can be in the storms

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  • My trip to Pretoria

    I arrived in Pretoria on the 29 June with the purpose of connecting with our Life Church Campuses led by Michael and Shana Liebenberg. My trip started with connecting with my amazing hosts followed by visiting our cells groups. In Pretoria we have around 6 cells which are having amazing

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  • This is your day

    IT WAS A DAY, just a day like any other day. His brothers had gotten him out of bed and gotten him dressed and on their way to work they carried him to his usually spot at the temple gate. It was just a day, the sky wasn't any bluer,

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We are a cell based family church, loving Jesus by serving and discipling people, transforming community and changing nations; one life at a time.


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