We are a group of young adults (age 18 to 35) from Life Church, Cape Town, all from different walks of life.

We are called The Future, meaning the future is us and we are taking on each year with a plan and purpose.   We as young adults are taking on the call to share our lives with one another and be UNIFIED as ONE, always building each other up in love, remaining humble, gentle and patient.

As we mature in Christ, we are taking on the call to live our lives with a GOD-SET standard, adding value to the church, seeing it grow and being built up through love. We SUPPORT and live out the vision of our church.

 To connect with other young adults… Go “like” our The Future page on facebook and you will also see more information about future events.

 CAPE TOWN - Connect in a young adult’s cell… If you would like to join a young adult’s cell please email bruce.mccleland@life-church.co.za. Or call Bruce on 021 439 4721.